The Federal Supreme Court rules the invalidity and cancellation of the Diwani Order No. (29) of 2020 regarding the formation of an investigative committee in cases of corruption and important crimes.



Baghdad / Federal Court media

The Federal Supreme Court issued its decision No. 169/Federal/2021 on 2.3.2022 invalidating the Diwani Order No. (29) of 2020, which included the formation of a permanent committee to investigate corruption cases and important crimes, and to cancel it from the date of the ruling, for violating the provisions of Article (37 / first/1) of the Constitution that guarantees the protection of human freedom and dignity, and the principle of separation of powers stipulated in Article 47 of the Constitution, and the principle of judicial independence and its competence to undertake investigation and trial stipulated in Articles 87 and 88 of the Constitution, because the aforementioned order is considered an amendment to the Law of the Integrity Commission as it is a constitutional body with jurisdiction In the investigation of financial and administrative corruption cases.

The Federal Court stated that "the court issued its decision based on its powers stipulated in Clause Three of Article 93 of the Constitution."