Clarification issued by the Federal Supreme Court



Baghdad / Judicial Media

    The correspondent of the Federal Supreme Court stated this day, 12/3/2024, regarding the measures taken by the Ministry of Finance in implementation of the ruling decision issued by the Federal Supreme Court No. (224 and its union 269 / Federal / 2024) dated 21/2/2024 related to the payment of the dues of the employees of the Kurdistan Region, and he explained that the resettlement mechanism requires a period of time based on the letter of the Federal Ministry of Finance regarding the financing of the account under the letter No. (6369) dated 11/3/2024, so it is the duty of the Kurdistan Regional Government to cooperate and coordinate with the Federal Ministry of Finance in this regard, as the purpose of the Federal Supreme Court's decision in the process of localization of salaries lies in ensuring the rights of employees in the region, preserving their strength and achieving social justice, and since the resettlement process requires a sufficient period of time to complete it, therefore, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the regional government should expedite and exert efforts for the purpose of achieving the localization process, provided that the salaries of the remaining employees whose salaries have not been completed for technical reasons are paid in cash until the completion of the full salary localization process.