About the Federal Supreme Court

Litigation procedure


  1.   When the case is referred to the Federal Supreme Court, the case is examined and submitted to the President of the Court or who is authorized by him to register and pay the legal fee.
  2.   After collecting the legal fee for the initiated lawsuit, it is registered in the special record following the precedence of its submission and is placed on it the court seal and the date of registration.
  3.   The plaintiff is provided with a receipt containing the number of the case and the date of its initiation.
  4.   The notifications are made and the opponent (the defendant) is informed of a copy of the petition and its documents and is expected to be answered to the petition during the legal period and must be answered in writing within not more than fifteen days from the date of the notification.
  5.   A date for the hearing is set only after the notifications have been completed and the defendant answered it or the period mentioned above has passed and the defendant is not accepted to postpone the hearing to answer.
  6.   When the petition is answered, it is referred to by the president of the court or whom he authorizes, and it is attached to the case file and the other parties shall be notified. If one of the other parties wishes to provide an answer to the defendant’s answer, it can be submitted days before the case and can be presented on the day of the hearing.
  7.   The other parties shall be notified by the date of the court-appointed hearing through a letter of notification, e-mail or telephone call if necessary.
  8.   When the case is resolved, a decision is issued by the Federal Supreme Court, which will be read out to the parties at the public hearing unless the court rules that the hearing be confidential and this is up to the court's discretion.
  9.   The decision is published on the official website of the Federal Supreme Court and the parties can be present for the purpose of receiving a certified copy of it.


The President and the Members of the Federal Supreme Court 

  1. Judge Jasem Mohammad Abbood/ President of the Federal Supreme Court.
  2. Judge Sameer Abbas Mohammed/ deputy of the President.
  3. Judge Ghleb Amer Shnain/ original member.
  4. Judge Haidar Jaber Abed/ original member.
  5. Judge Haider Ali Noori/ original member.
  6. Judge Khalaf Ahmad Ragab/ original member.
  7. Judge Ayoub Abbas Salih/ original member.
  8. Judge Abdulrahman Sulaiman Ali/ original member.
  9. Judge Dyar Muhammed Ali Muhammed/ original member.
  10. Judge Adil Abdul-Razzaq Abbas/ reserve member.
  11. Judge Khalid Taha Ahmed/ reserve member.
  12. Judge Munther Ibrahim Hussein/ reserve member.